An Overview of Black River Gold

Kane has returned in a brand new adventure, and he’s sharper than ever. The man who used to stumble into success seems to have hit rough circumstances during the gold rush and failed to get rich. Now, in a desperate attempt to get rich (at least till the next time), he has thrown law to the wind.

He’s trying his luck on the Black River this time. Nonetheless, it is unclear what this signifies in practice. Farming salmon? Gambling on riverboats? A kayaking instructor? This time, it’s up to the player as we explore the frontier in the fourth entry of ELK Studio’s Gold Series.

Black River Gold is not as easily localized as the other three. You might guess North America, but there are actually dozens of Black Rivers across that enormous continent. On the other hand, there are hints. The first features a metal-framed mountain range in the distance, with a hazy valley full with trees in the foreground. As before, the Avalanche mechanic and features cause 24 symbols to fall into a grid that consists of 6 reels and 4 rows.

Three or more identical symbols from left to right constitute a winning combination. Since winning symbols can appear in any position across the 4 active rows, there are a total of 4,096 possible combinations. Then, winning symbols are removed to let new ones fall into place, which not only fills the gaps, but adds an extra row to the grid. From a minimum of 5 rows and 15,625 ways to win, the game can be maximized to 8 rows high, yielding a maximum of 8 rows and 262,144 ways to win.

Setting stakes and/or a betting strategy is necessary to join the revamped Kane Steel. You can place a wager as low as 20 p/c every spin, and as high as $100/€100, if the situation warrants. The hit frequency is only 24.1 percent, but the RTP is still 96.1 percent and the volatility is considerable. The frequency of bonus games is notably absent as a statistic. What the official rate is in the Black River Gold adaptation is unknown, however it has a tendency to decrease as the series progresses. Experts estimate that the odds are somewhere between one in three hundred and four hundred spins.

When the payout table is activated, it appears as though Kane is playing sheriff. Or is he dodging the law? Low and medium payout symbols include a rifle, a whiskey glass, a choker, a badge, and a deck of playing cards (J through A). From least to most priceless, we have an emerald, a gold nugget, a diamond, and Kane.

Because of the game’s structure and features, the payout for a full house is only 0.3 to 3 times the wager. They don’t do much on their own, but when the features kick in (just like in earlier Kane incarnations), they become rather interesting.

Do we really need to mend something that isn’t broken? The extent to which that adage remains true is commonly used to judge the quality of a series. The characteristics of the Gold series have stayed largely the same with only minor adjustments here and there. One notable change is the addition of support for larger-than-life 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 versions of the jungus huge symbols. They may be glaringly obvious when they don’t fit, but they’re invaluable when brought into a winning formation.

The large symbols have also undergone a recent redesign. This time around, a cylinder symbol (the portion of the gun that holds the bullets) will appear if a large symbol has a blank area beneath it. When the revolver appears, it loads up with symbols from below, turning the gun into a magnified replica of those symbols. When all six chambers are full, the revolver becomes a single giant wild.

The next unique icon is a compass. When it does, any symbols across it that are a match will become wild. In this case, matching symbols on the left and right of the needle become wild if the needle is pointing east to west. The compass also goes berserk if it falls below the zero line. The only icons that wilds can’t replace are the compasses and scatters.

Now we reach the climactic Bonus Round. If you are lucky enough to see 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters anywhere in view, you will win 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins. During the bonus round, the Safety Level comes into effect, and instead of resetting to 4 rows on new drops, each win adds another row (up to 8) like in the main game. Any new wilds add to the supply at the bottom of the grid, where they will stay stuck until they contribute to a win. Finally, if you land three or more scatters, you’ll get another round of free drops.

Conclusion on Black River Gold

How effective is the newly attired Kane Steel in Black River Gold, exactly? The new location is pleasant, though not as perilous as before; Kane has apparently matured and become somewhat respectable. The changes are present, too, so it’s not a clone, but they don’t have the same impact as they had in earlier games in the series. It lacks the intensity and atmosphere of the preceding films. This is elder Kane, and as people get older, they naturally grow less daring.

There are no significant issues though; if you’ve played the other Gold slots, you will know what to anticipate. Maximum wins for individuals keeping score remain in the neighborhood of 5,000 times the stake. Some players may feel like they are getting more of the same because there have been minor tweaks but no substantial overhauls. That will be welcomed with cheers from series devotees and groans from those who want something completely different.

To sum up, there is no doubt that Black River Gold is a reliable slot that offers satisfying gameplay and respectable statistics. For those of us expecting more, it may fall a little flat, but there is still plenty to enjoy.






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